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1. BBC Quickie Gone Wild
2. Fucking Machine Aerobic Anal
3. Daizy Goes Hardcore
4. Kat Joins In
5. King Of The Double Cum Scenes
6. Daizy Dukes Gets Weighed In
7. Best Cum Scenes 2011
8. I Met You On BBWXXXTreme
9. Ass To Mouth
10. SSBBW Creampie Massage

Daizy Dukes:

Lick My Asshole
Lick My Asshole by JuicyKat's Studio (Mp4, 15 MB) - Price: $2.00  
(2mins 51secs) ~ Enjoy Daizy Dukes and me, making out as Beastie Boi jumps in the fun and starts licking my asshole increasing my pleasure and doubling my fun.
Eat That Pussy Daizy
Eat That Pussy Daizy (Mp4, 35 MB) - Price: $5.00  
(5mins 38secs) ~ Watch Daizy Dukes dive face down and ass up deep into Pink Angels pussy. See how hard and how many times Daizy makes Angel cum.
Daizy Plays With Toys
Daizy Plays With Toys (Mp4, 82 MB) - Price: $10.00  
(12mins 53secs) ~ Before Daizy went hardcore she tried several ways to get sexually satisfied. This archived footage of her from 2009 shows her testing out several vibrators and dildos before ultimately deciding on making a call to Mr. Biggz. If you are a true Daizy Dukes fan you don't want to miss out on this lost then found archived footage of her for your collection! Remember you can also purchase her fan club to view her ENTIRE modeling career, with never before seen photos and video trailers.
Daizy Cum for Me
Daizy Cum for Me (Mp4, 180 MB) - Price: $11.00  
(15mins 19secs) ~ Pink Angel and Daizy Dukes team up for this hot girl on girl scene, where they both take turns making each other cum hard! Daizy starts off undressing Angel and goes right to work tasting and fucking Angel's pussy. After feeling satisfied Angel turns the tables on Daizy by passionately making out with her and undressing her as well. Once on the bed Angel is determined to make Daizy cum for her. Check this clip out to see if Daizy gives Angel what she wants.
Daizys Green Screen Bloopers
Daizys Green Screen Bloopers (Mp4, 77 MB) - Price: $5.00  
(6mins 30secs) ~ Daizy had a request for an outdoor nude scene, well obviously we were not going to do anything like that, so we decided to do the next best thing and that was to play around with a green screen, to make it look like she was outside. Well that wasn't as easy as it looked. Imagining something being there that you can't see takes a lot of work lol. Well as you'll see from these three scene outtakes that Daizy tried her best to pull it off but we never completed the project. So here's one of Daizy's 1st blooper videos. Enjoy!
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