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1. Kat Joins In
2. Anything Goes
3. King Of The Double Cum Scenes
4. Daizy Dukes Fan Club
5. Squirt On Me Bitch!
6. Daizy Goes Hardcore
7. Trick or Treat 2
8. Biggz Anal Audition
9. Fucking Machine Aerobic Anal
10. I\'m Gonna Cum

Cum Scenes:

Breast Boi Masturbates pt. 2
Breast Boi Masturbates pt. 2 by Breast Boi's Studio (Mp4, 36 MB) - Price: $5.00  
(6m 45s) ~ It's gotten harder to masturbate since I started taking Hormone Replacement Therapy, but I can still do it with my shrinking cock. Soon it will be buried in my fat.
Breast Boi Masturbates pt. 1
Breast Boi Masturbates pt. 1 by Breast Boi's Studio (Mp4, 37 MB) - Price: $5.00  
(6m 42s) ~ This is my first masturbation video.
Fat Halloween Pussy pt.1
Fat Halloween Pussy pt.1 by JuicyKat's Studio (Mp4, 82 MB) - Price: $10.00  
(13mins 24secs) ~ JuicyKat is all ready to head out trick or treating but is unaware of the tricks and treats Sir Ty Biggz has waiting for her. Unleashing a new sex toy called the Violetwand he chooses to test it out on her. Dressed as a ghoulish doll, JuicyKat's panty hose have her fat pussy shielded from exposure, so he cuts them open making them crotchless so that he can begin using his electric tricks to treat her. Once he has had enough of her making a creamy mess he fucks her fat Halloween pussy giving her two thick creampies and then fingers her til she squirts them out.
Daizy Goes Hardcore
Daizy Goes Hardcore by Daizy Dukes Studio (Mp4, 104 MB) - Price: $11.00  
(11mins 0secs ~ PLUS 5 mins of BONUS Footage) ~ Have you ever been ridden by a 500lb woman? Cum watch Mr. Biggz get ridden by Daizy Dukes!
Fuck My Latina Pussy
Fuck My Latina Pussy (Mp4, 34 MB) - Price: $5.00  
(11mins 6secs) ~ Lil Latina Mama, and Tattoo Guy fuck hot and heavy. This hot slutty Latina enjoys feeling a fat dick ramming deeper in her dirty pussy.
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