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Fat Halloween Pussy pt. 3

Fat Halloween Pussy pt. 3 by Tiger Dawn's Studio

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(14mins 17secs) ~ Tiger Dawn is the last of the ghoulish dolls to come for her tricks or treat from Sir Ty Biggz. He introduces her to the Violetwand as well but notices she has already attempted to make her pantyhose crotchless, so he cuts them even more exposing her huge ass. As he electro-stimulates her inner thighs and asshole she begins to squirt in gushes so he reminds her that they are playing with electricity. He then takes a long dildo and rams it deep into her ass causing her to gush even harder. After laying her on her back he starts to gargle with her squirt and spits it back into her throbbing fat pussy exchanging with her back and forth several times until she eventually runs dry.


Starring: Tiger Dawn & Sir Ty Biggz

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