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1. Fucking Explode
2. Helping Hands
3. Trick or Treat 2
4. Strapon Riding
5. Trick or Treat 1
6. Maries Big Black Dick
7. Maries Easter Bunny Creampie
8. Bunny Magic
9. Naughty BBW Nurse
10. Forced BBW Squirting pt. 5

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1. Trick Or Treat pt. 2 - 720p HD
2. Trick Or Treat pt. 1 - 720p HD
3. Helping Hands - 720p HD
4. Maries Easter Bunny Creampie - 720p HD
5. Strapon Riding - 720p HD
6. Good Piggy
7. Fat Halloween Pussy pt. 2
8. Forced BBW Squirting pt. 5
9. Helping Hands
10. Naughty BBW Nurse

Marie's Entire Collection:

Good Piggy
Good Piggy Instant Access!
(7mins 19secs) ~ Creative role play keeps things fun and exciting! Naughty Marie plays Sir Ty Biggz's fat pig slut for the day. Crawling on all fours and snorting just like a real hog. He immediately puts her to work grabbing her pig tails and making her deep throat his dick. After oozing a hot load in her mouth, he makes sure she saves a bit of it for her close up. If you like pig play, Naughty Marie makes a good piggy.
Price: $6.00
Fat Halloween Pussy pt. 2
Fat Halloween Pussy pt. 2 Instant Access!
(19mins 33secs) ~ Naughty Marie makes one big mistake by telling Sir Ty Biggz that she has been a naughty doll. So he decides to trick her for her treats. He starts off by showing her the intensity of the Violetwand and gives her an opportunity to choose from three objects of pleasure. As he rearranges them several times asking her to choose A, B or C she unfortunately chooses an electrifying pleasure each time. He rewards her for her diligence with some oral satisfaction and double penetration using large anal beads and a black dildo resulting in squirty mess.
Price: $12.00
Forced BBW Squirting pt. 5
Forced BBW Squirting pt. 5 Instant Access!
(10mins 49secs) ~ It’s that time again to torture yet another B.A.D. Girl and make her uncontrollably squirt! Naughty Marie is all bound up, gagged and ready to tryout the newest contraption made by Sir Ty Biggz. Before he can even pick up the camcorder to film her, she is already intensely gushing. Will she remember the safe word they discussed or will this continue until he decides to stop? Either way she is definitely being forced to squirt!
Price: $10.00
Helping Hands
Helping Hands Instant Access!
(12mins 9secs) ~ Naughty Marie is in need of a good fucking, it's been awhile for her. She sets up a toolbox fucking machine and grabs a Hitachi magic wand which she hopes will help relieve the stress. B.A.D. Girls JuicyKat and Tiger Dawn come in to assist her when they hear she isn’t having much luck alone. This leads to some double handed fucking and squirting for Naughty Marie. There's nothing like having two pairs of helping hands to get you off just right!  REMASTERED
Price: $10.00
Naughty BBW Nurse
Naughty BBW Nurse Instant Access!
(11mins 2secs) ~ Private duty nursing will never be the same again. Naughty Nurse Marie is a very unique nurse she loves to give her patients that much needed TLC that they just can’t get from other nursing agencies. Tiger Dawn is in for a full handed inspection and fucking from the naughty nurse and she shows just how much it’s enjoyed by squirting several times.
Price: $10.00
Trick or Treat 1
Trick or Treat 1 Instant Access!
(8mins 5secs) ~ Its Halloween party night and JuicyKat still isn't dressed. Naughty Marie is fully dressed and ready but wearing a different costume than what was discussed. Marie tells Kat that her costume has a neat trick and reveals her big black dick strap-on and asks Kat if she would like to try it out. Kat agrees to the tricky treat. Will these two naughty B.A.D. Girls ever make it to that party?  REMASTERED
Price: $8.00
Trick or Treat 2
Trick or Treat 2 Instant Access!
(9mins 32secs) ~ Naughty Marie and Juicy Kat are just finishing up playing when Tiger Dawn shows up to go with them to the party and catches them. She sees Marie's big black dick strap-on and notes how fun it looks. Marie invites Dawn to try it and begins to play with her pussy while Kat begins playing with Dawn's big tits. It isn't long before Marie is fucking Dawn with her big black dick and making Dawn cum hard as Kat puts her juicy fat cunt on Dawns face and Dawn begins to eat her pussy and finger her. It seems as if the B.A.D. Girls have started their own Halloween party with the right trick and several treats.
Price: $9.00
Strapon Riding
Strapon Riding Instant Access!
(6mins 29secs) ~ Tiger Dawn & Mistress Marie give a sultry BBW on BBW performance in this strap-on riding video. After asking Mistress Marie for permission to suck her BIG black dick, Tiger Dawn takes as much of it as she can deep in her throat and then is instructed by Mistress Marie to get on top of it and ride it. If you love POV action, this video is a must have, as the cameraman gets as close as he can to the penetrating action. REMASTERED
Price: $5.00
Maries Big Black Dick
Maries Big Black Dick Instant Access!
(4mins 42secs) ~ Naughty Marie teases Lexi Rae with her big black dick, almost a torcher teasing as she runs the tip over her pussy lips. Once Marie finally thinks Lexi is ready for the big black dick she slowly slides it in her fiery cunt. Lexi finally begs Marie to fuck her with that big black dick! Fuck me harder! Play with my clit! Two BBW's bouncing bellies together as they fuck! Watch Marie fuck this bad girl Lexi Rae!
Price: $4.00
Fucking Explode
Fucking Explode Instant Access!
(5mins 52secs) ~ Having a 3some with two BBW's is a lot of work! But Sir Ty Biggz does his best trying to get the most out of JuicyKat and Naughty Marie. In this scene JuicyKat is riding him reverse cowgirl and Naughty Marie is sitting on his face. He quickly changes things up a bit and has Marie ride him reverse cowgirl anally. She gets so worked up with her orgasms that he finishes her off with some hair pulling and ass spanking while JuicyKat bites down on her nipples.
Price: $5.00
Bunny Magic
Bunny Magic Instant Access!
(15mins 0secs) ~ Bunny Marie is not happy about being an Easter Bunny, she wishes she was a leprechaun, she thinks they have more fun because they can do magic. Lexi Bunny overhears her and comes in to tell her that Easter Bunnies can do magic, she teaches Marie Bunny how to make magical wishes by making several things appear. Marie Bunny is very excited so Lexi Bunny asks her to help her with a bigger wish. They both wish for the Chocolate Easter Bunny. He fucks both of them and gives Lexi Bunny a huge cream pie which Marie Bunny eats out of her and orally shares it with Lexi Bunny.
Price: $14.00
Maries Easter Bunny Creampie
Maries Easter Bunny Creampie Instant Access!

(11mins 14secs) ~ We all enjoy how the Easter Bunny brings us creamy delicious treats. However this year Sir Ty Biggz has decided to give Easter Bunny Naughty Marie a creamy treat of his own. Sir Ty Biggz starts out by tasting the Bunny’s creamy pussy and then fucks her hard filling her with an extra creamy load giving her a thick creampie! REMASTERED from archived footage.

Price: $9.00
Double Ass Jiggle
Double Ass Jiggle Instant Access!
(3mins 25secs) ~ What's better then one of the Studio Biggz B.A.D. Girls jiggling their sexy asses for the world to enjoy? Correct answer is two sexy Studio Biggz B.A.D. Girls jiggling their asses. Pink Angel and Naughty Marie jiggle their asses for everyone's viewing pleasure.
Price: $3.00
Double Belly Jiggle
Double Belly Jiggle Instant Access!
(4mins 0secs) ~ What's better then one of the Studio Biggz B.A.D. Girls jiggling their bellies for the world to enjoy? Correct answer is two sexy Studio Biggz B.A.D. Girls jiggling their bellies. Pink Angel and Naughty Marie jiggle their bellies for everyone's viewing pleasure.
Price: $4.00
Maries First Belly Jiggle
Maries First Belly Jiggle Instant Access!
(3mins 25secs) ~ Naughty Marie has never shown her fans just how big her belly truly is, so she shows it off in all of its glory for the very 1st time. All she wants is for you to cum on her belly, in fact she insists that you do!
Price: $3.00



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