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1. Daizy Dukes Fan Club
2. Daizy Goes Hardcore
3. Eat That Pussy Daizy
4. Angel Measures Daizy
5. Daizy Plays With Toys
6. Daizy Cum for Me
7. Fat Bottom Girls
8. Frisk Me Officer
9. Daizy Dukes Gets Weighed In
10. Daizys Belly Jiggle

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1. Webcam Series: The Shower - 720p HD
2. Daizy Dances - 720p HD
3. Size 12 Belly and Ass Jiggle - 720p HD
4. Long Hallway Walk - 720p HD
5. 2 Bellies 1 Ass - 720p HD
6. Eat That Pussy Daizy - 720p HD
7. Daizy Plays With Toys - 720p HD
8. Daizy Cum for Me - 720p HD
9. Daizys Green Screen Bloopers - 720p HD
10. Daizy's Exercise Routine - 720p HD

Daizy Dukes Entire Collection:

Daizy Goes Hardcore
Daizy Goes Hardcore Instant Access!
(11mins 0secs ~ PLUS 5 mins of BONUS Footage) ~
Have you ever been ridden by a 500lb woman? Cum watch Mr. Biggz get ridden by Daizy Dukes!
Price: $9.00
Frisk Me Officer
Frisk Me Officer Instant Access!

(14mins 59secs) ~ Daizy Dukes and Mr. Biggz role play cop and robber while taking a shower. He makes her put her hands up and frisks her entire body for concealed weapons. He keeps her nice and lathered up for you SSBBW shower scene fans. Mr. Biggz uses the shower hose, his hands, and fingers to make sure she isn't hiding anything. Once he is satisfied she has nothing to hide, he makes her give him a blow job to thank him for not writing her a ticket.

Price: $14.00
Angel Washes Daizy
Angel Washes Daizy Instant Access!
(9mins 19secs) ~ If you enjoyed watching Daizy in Frisk Me Officer then you will love watching her shower with Pink Angel. Daizy has never been showered by a woman before, so this erotic nude BBW on SSBBW scene is HOT! Angel takes her time lathering all of Daizy's luscious rolls and even those hard to reach spots that we true SSBBW admirers love!
Price: $7.00
2 Bellies 1 Ass
2 Bellies 1 Ass Instant Access!
(6mins 17secs) ~ Daizy knows she has the largest ass of all the Biggz Amateur Divas, so she enlists the help of Pink Angel and Naughty Marie to pamper her ass. She wants them to be envious of her huge ass. They lube her ass up with oil and rub their bellies on it wishing they had an ass as jiggly as hers.
Price: $4.00
My Body from Head 2 Toe
My Body from Head 2 Toe Instant Access!
(5mins 1sec) ~ Daizy introduces you to her super-sized, super sexy body. This SSBBW is definitely not shy about showing off. She wants all those true SSBBW fans out there to know every inch of her. So watch to learn more about Daizy's luscious curves.
Price: $3.00
Lotion Up My Body
Lotion Up My Body Instant Access!
(9mins 17secs) ~ Daizy shows her fans just how much time and attention goes into lubricating every inch of her 500+lbs body. If you enjoyed her "My Body From Head 2 Toe" video, you will love watching her lotion up.
Price: $7.00
Long Hallway Walk
Long Hallway Walk Instant Access!
(3mins 34secs) ~ There's nothing like watching a curvaceous SSBBW just walk sometimes. Watching her hips sway side to side, imagining what all of that massive ass looks like nude. I filmed this short video of Daizy checking on the laundry. The laundry room is halfway down this long hallway, so I just thought it would be hot to just film her walking. I hope you enjoy watching her hips sway from side to side as much as I did!
Price: $2.00
Daizys Belly Jiggle
Daizys Belly Jiggle Instant Access!
(4mins 11secs) ~ Continuing with her soft-core series, Daizy shows her fans just how huge her belly is and how much it jiggles. If you love huge apron hanging bellies, this clip doesn't disappoint!
Price: $2.00
Daizys Ass Jiggle
Daizys Ass Jiggle Instant Access!
(3mins 44secs ~ PLUS 3mins BONUS Footage) ~
Daizy has one of the hugest asses to date on Studio Biggz! Cum check out her very first ass jiggle. If you love watching SSBBW asses in motion this is one hot clip!
Price: $2.00
Daizy Changes Clothes
Daizy Changes Clothes Instant Access!
(14mins 10secs) ~ Daizy needs your help picking an outfit for her next meet and greet, so she tried on a few of her favorites. Hopefully one or all will become your favorite to.
Price: $11.00
Eat That Pussy Daizy
Eat That Pussy Daizy Instant Access!
(5mins 38secs) ~ Watch Daizy Dukes dive face down and ass up deep into Pink Angels pussy. See how hard and how many times Daizy makes Angel cum.
Price: $4.00
Daizy Plays With Toys
Daizy Plays With Toys Instant Access!
(12mins 53secs) ~ Before Daizy went hardcore she tried several ways to get sexually satisfied. This archived footage of her from 2009 shows her testing out several vibrators and dildos before ultimately deciding on making a call to Mr. Biggz. If you are a true Daizy Dukes fan you don't want to miss out on this lost then found archived footage of her for your collection! Remember you can also purchase her fan club to view her ENTIRE modeling career, with never before seen photos and video trailers.
Price: $11.00
Daizy Cum for Me
Daizy Cum for Me Instant Access!
(15mins 19secs) ~ Pink Angel and Daizy Dukes team up for this hot girl on girl scene, where they both take turns making each other cum hard! Daizy starts off undressing Angel and goes right to work tasting and fucking Angel's pussy. After feeling satisfied Angel turns the tables on Daizy by passionately making out with her and undressing her as well. Once on the bed Angel is determined to make Daizy cum for her. Check this clip out to see if Daizy gives Angel what she wants.
Price: $13.00
Daizys Green Screen Bloopers
Daizys Green Screen Bloopers Instant Access!
(6mins 30secs) ~ Daizy had a request for an outdoor nude scene, well obviously we were not going to do anything like that, so we decided to do the next best thing and that was to play around with a green screen, to make it look like she was outside. Well that wasn't as easy as it looked. Imagining something being there that you can't see takes a lot of work lol. Well as you'll see from these three scene outtakes that Daizy tried her best to pull it off but we never completed the project. So here's one of Daizy's 1st blooper videos. Enjoy!
Price: $4.00
Daizy Dances
Daizy Dances Instant Access!
(4mins 20secs ~ PLUS 3 minutes of BONUS Footage) ~ Daizy is getting ready to go to a BBW dance and she wants you to check out her moves. There's nothing like seeing a confident sexy SSBBW in a slinky dress work it on the dance floor. If you haven't experienced that yet here's your opportunity to watch Daizy show, control of her massive ass and hips the way she would on the dance floor.
Price: $2.00
Daizy's Exercise Routine
Daizy's Exercise Routine Instant Access!
(16mins 19secs) ~ Daizy shows her fans how she works out as a 500lb SSBBW. She starts off with some stretching and then takes a quarter of a mile walk on the treadmill. She really works up a sweat as the friction from her thighs starts to warm things up. This footage was filmed in 2009 and was found in our lost archived footage so all of you Daizy fans enjoy this clip.
Price: $13.00
Angel Measures Daizy
Angel Measures Daizy Instant Access!
(7mins 34secs) ~ To get a more accurate measuring of Daizy, Pink Angel has her get completely undressed and measures her full girth from head to toe! You Daizy Dukes fans don't want to miss this! This is archived footage from 2009 of Daizy that was never used because of some deleted scenes. But do to the great demand for new scenes from her I decided to share it with you. Daizy's true weight is also revealed in this video clip.
Price: $5.00
Size 12 Belly and Ass Jiggle
Size 12 Belly and Ass Jiggle Instant Access!
(7mins 35secs) ~ Pink Angel uses her size 12 wide feet to squish and jiggle Daizy Dukes massive belly and ass. This is a 3 in 1 fetish. Angel and Daizy give you foot, belly and ass fetishes all in one! This is definitely one for those true feet, SSBBW belly and ass admirers.
Price: $4.00
Webcam Series: The Shower
Webcam Series: The Shower Instant Access!
(12mins 0secs) ~ Updating from the privacy of her own bathroom, Daizy wanted the fans to enjoy every inch of her as she soaps, suds, and lathers up her curvaceous body. This footage was created Daizy's personal webcam and is not the same quality as her other remastered videos.
Price: $9.00
Fresh Out the Shower
Fresh Out the Shower Instant Access!
(3mins 44secs) ~ Daizy has just finished taking a long shower, watch as she dries off every inch of her massive SSBBW body for your viewing pleasure.
Price: $3.00
Fat Bottom Girls
Fat Bottom Girls Instant Access!
(4mins 15secs) ~ Two Studio Biggz divas team up for a double ass merging jiggle to the song of "Fat Bottom Girls". Double your SSBBW pleasure and enjoy the fun!
Price: $3.00
Daizys Belly & Ass Jiggle pt. 2
Daizys Belly & Ass Jiggle pt. 2 Instant Access!
(5mins 3secs) ~ Daizy shows off her belly and ass together. This is the best of the front and back of Daizy in one clip! If you love huge aprons, hanging bellies and huge round asses, this is one you won't want to miss!
Price: $3.00
Daizy Dukes Gets Weighed In
Daizy Dukes Gets Weighed In Instant Access!

(7mins 25secs ~ PLUS 2.5mins BONUS Footage) ~
Daizy was our biggest SSBBW Playmate at Studio Biggz. As you all know we always start off our playmates with a weight and measurements video. So what do you think our largest Playmate to date weighs in at? Check out the video to find out!

Price: $5.00



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