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SSBBW Fuck My Ass Cum On My Back
SSBBW Fuck My Ass Cum On My Back by Pixie SSBBW's Studio Instant Access!
(6m 57s) ~ After getting my giant ass fingered. I get fucked. Watch the POV cumshot on my back.
Price: $8.00
SSBBW Squashing Handjob
SSBBW Squashing Handjob by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(13m 13s) ~ After using Squishy #1 for a day of squashing fun, I decide to reward him for handling my near 400lb weight so well. Not only do I squash him during his reward, but I also give him a handjob. The pleasure from being smothered while getting a handjob was almost more than Squishy can bare.
Price: $13.00
Smoking Fetish Blowjob
Smoking Fetish Blowjob by Pixie SSBBW's Studio Instant Access!
(6m 42s) ~ All of you who have ever fantasized about receiving a blowjob from a ssbbw who is smoking a cigarette, should watch this video. Come and enjoy Pixie giving a smoking blowjob.
Price: $6.00
BBW Director POV
BBW Director POV by Curvy BBW Bunny's Studio Instant Access!
(29m 43s) ~ JuicyKat and I follow Sir Ty Biggz directions to help Him create His vision of a great POV video. Come watch me play with JuicyKat and then Sir Ty Biggz play with both of us. We finish this video by both making a squirty mess, and then JuicyKat receives a huge creampie.
Price: $30.00
Kazzys POV Blowjob
Kazzys POV Blowjob by Kazzy Jiggles Studio Instant Access!
(17m 38s) ~ Watch me suck Sir Ty Biggz's dick. This video gets so close you might be able to feel my lips sucking your dick as well. My huge bbw ass jiggles during the hard doggie style pounding I take, after the blowjob and then I swallow a huge load of cum.
Price: $15.00
Hardcore Riding
Hardcore Riding by Pixie SSBBW's Studio Instant Access!
(7m 57s) ~ Enjoy Pixie SSBBW riding her slender partner. Wouldn't you love to feel the weight of this SSBBW riding you? This is a must see!!!
Price: $10.00
Hardcore Anal
Hardcore Anal by Pixie SSBBW's Studio Instant Access!
(4m 2s) ~ Watch Pixie SSBBW get fucked in the ass hard and given an anal creampie.
Price: $5.00
Blow Job Facial
Blow Job Facial by Pixie SSBBW's Studio Instant Access!
(8m 28s) ~ As you watch Pixie SSBBW give this blow job, image it's your quivering member, being licked and teased until you explode all over her sexy face.
Price: $8.00
Tit Fucked
Tit Fucked by Pixie SSBBW's Studio Instant Access!
(5m 36s) ~ My huge size "K" tits completely engulf my partners dick.
Price: $6.00
Fat Halloween Pussy pt.1
Fat Halloween Pussy pt.1 by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(13mins 24secs) ~ JuicyKat is all ready to head out trick or treating but is unaware of the tricks and treats Sir Ty Biggz has waiting for her. Unleashing a new sex toy called the Violetwand he chooses to test it out on her. Dressed as a ghoulish doll, JuicyKat's panty hose have her fat pussy shielded from exposure, so he cuts them open making them crotchless so that he can begin using his electric tricks to treat her. Once he has had enough of her making a creamy mess he fucks her fat Halloween pussy giving her two thick creampies and then fingers her til she squirts them out.
Price: $13.00
Daizy Goes Hardcore
Daizy Goes Hardcore by Daizy Dukes Studio Instant Access!
(11mins 0secs ~ PLUS 5 mins of BONUS Footage) ~
Have you ever been ridden by a 500lb woman? Cum watch Mr. Biggz get ridden by Daizy Dukes!
Price: $9.00
Fuck My Latina Pussy
Fuck My Latina Pussy Instant Access!
(11mins 6secs) ~ Lil Latina Mama, and Tattoo Guy fuck hot and heavy. This hot slutty Latina enjoys feeling a fat dick ramming deeper in her dirty pussy.
Price: $10.00
Good Piggy
Good Piggy by Naughty Marie's Studio Instant Access!
(7mins 19secs) ~ Creative role play keeps things fun and exciting! Naughty Marie plays Sir Ty Biggz's fat pig slut for the day. Crawling on all fours and snorting just like a real hog. He immediately puts her to work grabbing her pig tails and making her deep throat his dick. After oozing a hot load in her mouth, he makes sure she saves a bit of it for her close up. If you like pig play, Naughty Marie makes a good piggy.
Price: $6.00
Anything Goes
Anything Goes by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(33mins 45secs) ~ JuicyKat responds to an ad on a social networking site that said two Dom’s were seeking an SSBBW for an “Anything Goes” session. She had no idea what she was in for! After getting her undressed and bound up the Dom’s start right away using a variety of toys on her including a fucking machine. She screams and squirts uncontrollably and she is quickly gagged by a BBC deep in her throat. She is then manipulated into other positions forced to please both Dom’s orally and vaginally. When they feel she has had enough they both give her a well-deserved facial. The ad did say Anything Goes! 
Price: $34.00
SSBBW Creampie Massage
SSBBW Creampie Massage by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(16mins 42secs) ~ I have been such a busy SSBBW I figured it was time to treat myself to a relaxing full body massage. I didn’t expect my Masseuse to recognize me but I am glad He did because the massage I got was much more satisfying than I could have hoped for. My masterful Masseuse gave me an extra special treatment and his techniques brought me to such great orgasmic pleasure that I squirt hard and fast multiple times back to back. The Masseuse ended the session by giving me a huge creampie, ending what was the best spa treatment any girl could ask for. I cannot believe I was actually able to talk the Masseuse into scooping His cum out of me into a glass for me to drink. I can’t wait to schedule my next appointment and tell all my BBW friends!
Price: $16.00
JuicyKats Blowjob Closeup
JuicyKats Blowjob Closeup by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(11mins 1sec) ~ Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have my lips wrapped tightly around your dick? Sucking it until it gets hard and you blow your delicious cream all over me. Cum watch this blowjob I give Sir Ty Biggz close up and feel like it’s your dick receiving all of the action. It is so intensely close it puts POV to shame. This will feel so much like it’s happening to you that you may want to request the HD version to put on your big screen to feel even more part of the action.
Price: $10.00
JuicyKat's Picture-N-Picture
JuicyKat's Picture-N-Picture by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(6mins 16secs) ~ I’ve heard it said that two things are usually better than one, if that’s true then you will love this picture n picture clip! Two angles of me getting fucked hard by Sir Ty Biggz’s BBC, two angles of me sucking his BBC, two angles of my fat tits jiggling and bouncing, two angles of me gulping down his creamy hot load! The only thing that would have made this better would have been two of him! Enjoy!
Price: $6.00
Face Fucked
Face Fucked by Tiger Dawn's Studio Instant Access!
(7mins 36secs) ~ I’ve been told that coming hard after face fucking a BBW is one of the biggest orgasms a man can have. So I took some time to distract Sir Ty Biggz from fucking my sweet fat ass and see how hard I could make him cum. He gets so into it he even makes me lick his ass and deep throats me full force, eventually giving me the facial I was hoping for. So for all you BJ, BBC and facial fans of mine, this one is for you!


Tiger Dawn
Price: $5.00
Triple Blowjob
Triple Blowjob by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(8mins 28secs) ~ What's better than one sexy BBW sucking your dick how about three at once, watch AJ Johnson lean back and enjoy his triple blowjob from JuicyKat, Devine ToyGirl and a third BBW. See how fast he blows, would you blow that fast? How many times have you wished for three girls at once?
Price: $6.00
Thanks For Cuming
Thanks For Cuming Instant Access!
(4mins 0secs) ~ JuicyKat and Devine ToyGirl team up on A.J. Johnson as they strip him down and both suck his big black dick, thanking him for cuming to play with them. Working his dick between both their mouths till he gives them the creamy ending they were sucking to receive.
Price: $3.00
Biggz Anal Audition
Biggz Anal Audition by Tiger Dawn's Studio Instant Access!
(20mins 53secs) ~ Sir Ty Biggz is having a casting call for a new B.A.D. Girl that can take and loves anal. Tiger Dawn shows up to audition for the part. Sir Biggz shows Dawn what a makes a true porn star pleasuring each other during 69, pounding her fat cunt and making Dawn squirt multiple times so hard at moments she hits the wall. Finally he shows her what being a true anal slut is all about by fucking that fat ass and end with a huge anal creampie.
Price: $20.00
Beastie Boi Jacks Off
Beastie Boi Jacks Off Instant Access!
(3mins 47secs) ~ Beastie Boi got challenged to Jack off in front of everyone in the room although he got started with a quick blow job watch this SSCHUB as he jacks off and see if his load earns him praise.
Price: $2.00
Lube Me Up Please
Lube Me Up Please by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(16mins 34secs) ~ Why do women take forever getting ready to go out? Sir Ty Biggz is playing Angry Birds patiently waiting for JuicyKat to get dressed for a night out. She over hears him complaining about the time and she steps into the bedroom only dressed in a red G-string thong. She asks for his assistance with lubing her up and it isn't long before his insatiable appetite for her takes a wild turn. He goes from doggy to anal and finally cums on her jiggly belly.
Price: $16.00
Cum On My Ass
Cum On My Ass by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(4mins 51secs) ~ JuicyKat loves getting fucked hard by some BBC, as she rides this one all she's concerned with is getting filled up with a hot load of cum. But her partner has other ideas for his load, he has her go doggy and releases his load all over her huge ass instead.
Price: $4.00
King Of The Double Cum Scenes
King Of The Double Cum Scenes by Sir Ty Biggz's Studio Instant Access!
(3mins 49secs) ~ Ty Biggz, JuicyKat and Naughty Marie team up for a hot double cum scene. After fucking Kats fat ass, Ty Biggz cums all over it and feeds the cum to Naughty Marie, he then has them switch positions and feeds another load to JuicyKat. This is a quick video nonstop action!
Price: $3.00
I Met You On BBWXXXTreme
I Met You On BBWXXXTreme by Sir Ty Biggz's Studio Instant Access!
(3mins 48secs) ~ Ty Biggz fucks a fan he met on a website called BBWXXXTreme. She had broken her leg a week before they were to meet but he didn't let that stop him from giving her a much needed BBC hardcore fucking! After fingering her till she squirts he gives her a well-deserved load all over her perky tits!
Price: $3.00
Best Cum Scenes 2011
Best Cum Scenes 2011 by Sir Ty Biggz's Studio Instant Access!

(15mins 58secs) ~ What is the best part of a hardcore fuck scene? For us it’s a hot cum scene finale! So if you feel the same way we do, you will love this compilation of some of our hottest hardcore scenes filmed in 2011 so far. These clips only have the cum scene ending to the following titles : Bunny Magic – Couch Fucked-I Wanna Fuck Your Fat Friend-Fuck Me Till I Squirt #2- SPOV Series Suck My Dick Vol.1-Triple Happy Ending- and Anything Goes. These clips star Naughty Marie, JuicyKat, Lexi Rae, Pink Angel, Make-Ya-Kri and Sir Ty Biggz. Enjoy! We sure did! 

Price: $14.00
Couch Fucked
Couch Fucked by Sir Ty Biggz's Studio Instant Access!
(12mins 8 secs) ~ Who says a couch is just meant for sitting. Tiger Dawn and Ty Biggz put a couch to great use when they double team Pink Angel. Gagged and restrained Angel can only moan loudly as Dawn fucks her with her huge black dick strap-on. Ty Biggz decides to hand fuck Dawn from behind while she fucks Angel and then uses the Hitachi on Angels swollen clit. Angel gets finished off with a good fucking on the arm of the couch and Ty Biggz giving her a sloppy cream pie and finger feeding it to her.
Price: $11.00
Inked & Fucked pt. 1
Inked & Fucked pt. 1 by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(4mins 0secs) ~ After getting a shoulder tat touched up a customer notices that JuicyKat has been left alone. He approaches her wanting to know what she had done, but she feels he isn’t just interested in her new tattoo. He starts to ask about other tats and piercings she may have. JuicyKat is well aware of what he wants next and it isn’t long before the two of them are fucking hard right in the tattoo parlor.
Price: $4.00
Inked & Fucked pt. 2
Inked & Fucked pt. 2 by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(4mins 0secs) ~ After getting a good fucking from the customer, the tattoo guy comes back and sees JuicyKat all tired out. He tells her she should take care of him to so she does. The 1st customer decides to come back in on the fun for round two. They work together to give JuicyKat a big load on her ass and tits.
Price: $4.00
POV Facial
POV Facial by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(4mins 45secs) ~ For all you guys out there that love holding the camera while you are fucking, here’s a great SPOV (Spectators Point Of View) video of Ty Biggz fucking JuicyKat and giving her a big load all over her face! She just loves it!
Price: $2.00
Ass To Mouth
Ass To Mouth by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(21mins 17secs) ~ After a good anal flush JuicyKat decides she wants some anal, but not just any kind of anal ATM (Ass To Mouth) so she has Ty Biggz help her with the scene. They start off with some doggy then he mounts her and rams his dick deep into her fat ass till she’s coming all over. He maneuvers her into various positions for better camera angles trying to capture the deep penetration, finally he cums in her mouth twice and makes her show it to the camera before she swallows the whole gloppy load!
Price: $20.00
Bone A Friend 1
Bone A Friend 1 by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(19mins 51secs) ~ JuicyKat is bored with using her vibrator and decides to call in a friend for some real time fun. Mr. Biggz cums over and just knows the video camera is hidden somewhere, but cannot find it, so he fucks JuicyKat hard. JuicyKat is so hardcore in this video she gets fucked balls deep without even losing her G-string! REMASTERED
Price: $19.00
Bone A Friend 2
Bone A Friend 2 by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(20mins 29secs) ~ JuicyKat is one sneaky bitch! Mr. Biggz is off enjoying a nice weekend, but Kat's weekend plans were completely ruined. Mr. Biggz is the best repair man JuicyKat could find he comes over quickly and doesn't leave until she is completely satisfied. Flexing Kat into multiple positions Mr. Biggz brings new meaning to fucked silly! Mr. Biggz drops a huge load of cum into Kats mouth at the end of it! Cum see how many positions Kat gets put into! REMASTERED
Price: $20.00
Bone A Friend 3
Bone A Friend 3 by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(19mins 55secs) ~ JuicyKat decides that Mr. Biggz has rested enough, so she starts sucking his thick juicy yummy black dick. After she gets him good and hard JuicyKat hops on top and starts riding Mr. Biggz HARD and nasty, squirting all over his dick. Mr. Biggz wakes up and takes control of JuicyKat fucking her, eating her and even slapping her cunt until she cums hard again!
Price: $19.00
Bone A Friend 4
Bone A Friend 4 by Sir Ty Biggz's Studio Instant Access!

(24mins 42secs) ~ While reviewing the website, Ty Biggz realizes that he doesn’t have very many videos starring Pink Angel so he calls her up and asks her to come over and make a video with him. He starts off with undressing her, eating her pretty pink pussy and ends up putting her in several positions including a full 69 while she deep throats his cock and he devours her pussy, ending with a nice dripping cum scene that Angel plays with before she swallows it.

Price: $24.00
Fuck Me til I Squirt pt. 2
Fuck Me til I Squirt pt. 2 by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(8mins 13secs) ~ After years of squirting JuicyKat has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with. She has taken her squirting to the next level called GUSHING! There truly is no way to explain this video, you just have to see it to believe it. We were just fooling around with the camcorder this day and thank GOD I protected the floor or my downstairs neighbors would have needed umbrellas. This video contains 2 cum scenes including JuicyKat's nonstop squirting I mean GUSHING!
Price: $8.00
I Wanna Fuck Your Fat Friend
I Wanna Fuck Your Fat Friend by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(14mins 6secs) ~ These two B.A.D. Girls thought I was going to play nice with them because they had their hair in pigtails. Well all that made me want to do is fuck the both of them fast and hard! I started off fucking JuicyKat but then her FAT friend Lexi Rae had her ass all doggy so I decided to fuck her too! I could feel her pussy throbbing, I knew she was ready to squirt so I forced it out of her. I went back and forth between her and JuicyKat till I came all over their big ass tits twice! If you love threesome action check out this clip it won't disappoint! REMASTERED
Price: $14.00
I Gotta Surprise for You
I Gotta Surprise for You by Honey Rose's Studio Instant Access!
(16mins 19secs) ~ While Honey Rose is giving Mr. Biggz a blow job she tells him that she has a surprise for him. He plays it off as if he has no idea what her surprise is. He decides that he is going to force her to tell him by torturing her sexually. After giving her a nice load of cum in her mouth, he also fucks her and gives her a creampie. He shows TV Land how he ripped her and why they call him Mr. Biggz. She still won't tell him what her surprise was, so he fingers her making her squirt uncontrollably until she finally gives in.
Price: $15.00
JuicyKats 1st Production
JuicyKats 1st Production by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(11mins 5secs) ~ This video is JuicyKat's 1st solo production from start to finish. JuicyKat has an idea for an afternoon booty call: JuicyKat wants to make sure her fans know just how much she enjoys eating cum out of her fat wet pussy. JuicyKat has a friend come over played by Ty Biggz. After making her squirt & soak the sheets, he gives her a nice big load that she fingers out of her pussy & shoves in her mouth, more than once!
Price: $11.00
Maries Easter Bunny Creampie
Maries Easter Bunny Creampie by Naughty Marie's Studio Instant Access!

(11mins 14secs) ~ We all enjoy how the Easter Bunny brings us creamy delicious treats. However this year Sir Ty Biggz has decided to give Easter Bunny Naughty Marie a creamy treat of his own. Sir Ty Biggz starts out by tasting the Bunny’s creamy pussy and then fucks her hard filling her with an extra creamy load giving her a thick creampie! REMASTERED from archived footage.

Price: $9.00
Kats Easter Bunny Creampie
Kats Easter Bunny Creampie by JuicyKat's Studio Instant Access!
(9mins 46secs) ~ The Easter Bunny normally brings us creamy delicious treats. However Sir Ty Biggz has decided to give Easter Bunny JuicyKat a creamy treat just for her. Sir Ty Biggz starts out by fingering the Bunny’s creamy pussy and then fucks her hard filling her with an extra creamy load giving her a thick creampie! But it’s not done there JuicyKat continues to finger her fat pussy until she squirts out the creampie. REMASTERED!
Price: $9.00

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