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What The Guys Are Missing?

What The Guys Are Missing? by Tiger Dawn's Studio

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(12mins 10secs) ~ I had such a rough day at work, got stood up, and I am so frustrated, I need a major release and just can’t seem to get one! Kat, who is done with me being frustrated, decides to show me what the guys are missing when they don’t come to play. So she ties me up and begins ramming me with two different jumbo sized dildos, forcing me to squirt so hard it flies off the end of the bed and so much the sheets are soaked, but turnabout is fair play and once I get loose, she’s in for a pounding of her own. I take the larger dildo and show no mercy as she squats over me. Have you ever wanted to be showered in squirt? You wonder when guys are away how much wilder girls play then you’ll want to check these two B.A.D. Girlz out! 



Starring: Tiger Dawn & JuicyKat


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