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SSBBW Tight Skirt Struggle To Pee

SSBBW Tight Skirt Struggle To Pee by Pixie SSBBW's Studio

Instant Access!

(4m 58s) ~ Somehow I got this skirt on and boy is it TIGHT! So tight that I cannot get it off or pull it down past my fat thighs and ass. This becomes a bigger problem when I suddenly have to pee so bad. I RUN to the bathroom and start trying to pull my skirt down but it will not budge. My hips, thighs, and ass keep this skirt tightly in place as I jump and do my pee-pee dance. This video ends with me giving up and having to piss in the shower through my skirt and panties you can see my intense urine stream splash and squirt all over my belly, thighs, and even shooting out of the shower.


Starring: Pixie SSBBW

The 720p HD version is located here.

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