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1. Biggz Anal Audition
2. Squirt On Me Bitch!
3. What The Guys Are Missing?
4. Tiger Dawns Inflatable Anal Toy Review
5. Forced BBW Squirting pt. 4
6. Playtime Request For Joe
7. Squirting Close Up
8. Chair Fucking
9. Squirting Fans Request 1-3
10. Squirting Anal Play pt. 1

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1. SSBBW BHM Shower 3-some UNCUT - HD
2. SSBBW BHM Shower 3-some UNCUT
3. SSBBW Soda Burp Challenge - HD
4. SSBBW Soda Burp Challenge
5. SSBBW Belly Button Erotic Tongue Fuck - HD
6. SSBBW Belly Button Erotic Tongue Fuck
7. SSBBW Double Spring Weights-n-Measurements - HD
8. SSBBW Double Spring Weights-n-Measurements
9. SSBBW Squashing While Eating Sweets
10. SSBBW Squashing While Eating Sweets - HD

Dawns Entire Collection:

SSBBW BHM Shower 3-some UNCUT
SSBBW BHM Shower 3-some UNCUT Instant Access!
(19m 30s) ~ After a fun night of filming, Pixie SSBBW & Tiger Dawn decide to take a shower together. Sir Ty Biggz always has the camera rolling for behind the scenes outtakes and here is the full UNCUT result. Two SSBBW’s and a BHM squeezing together in a walk-in shower to deliver you some wild n wet sudsy 3some fun!
Price: $22.00
SSBBW Soda Burp Challenge
SSBBW Soda Burp Challenge Instant Access!
(9m 56s) ~ Game time! Watch as Pixie SSBBW and Tiger Dawn battle in a challenge for the most burps. Diet Coke vs. Regular Coke which has the most belching power? Who can drink more soda? Whos belly will grow the most? Hear our monstrous belches and declare the winner.
Price: $10.00
SSBBW Belly Button Erotic Tongue Fuck
SSBBW Belly Button Erotic Tongue Fuck Instant Access!
(6m 59s) ~ We heard that getting your belly button licked can be really hot so we decided to try it out! Pixie SSBBW gets down on her knees and gives Tiger Dawn the full experience. Pixies fat tongue dives deep into Dawns soft deep belly button making her moan and wiggle. We know you wish you could lick, touch, and fuck our soft belly buttons!
Price: $7.00
SSBBW Double Spring Weights-n-Measurements
SSBBW Double Spring Weights-n-Measurements Instant Access!
(13m 1s) ~ Finally my weight and measurements are revealed! In this clip I get weighed not only once, but twice! Pixie SSBBW and I take turns stepping on the scale, stripping, measuring each other, and stepping back on the scale! You get to see the measuring tape wrap around my wrists, arms, tits, belly, ass, and thighs. Pixie SSBBW and I take it one step further and make it a bit of a competition to see who has gained the most weight and inches! After we are both out of breath from all this physical activity we celebrate our new numbers with a cupcake! This clip is a must have for you enjoy watching SSBBW’s show off their true size!
Price: $12.00
SSBBW Squashing While Eating Sweets
SSBBW Squashing While Eating Sweets Instant Access!
(8m 46s) ~ After Squishy’s introduction to the B.A.D. Girls, I invite Tiger Dawn to join me. Check out Tiger Dawn and myself, as we decide to have a delicious snack while sitting our sexy asses on Squishy #1. Generously we let Squishy breathe at times when he asks, but it does get rather frustrating. I think if we had not had the zebra cakes and donuts to distract us, we would have not been so nice.
Price: $9.00
SSBBW Squish-N-Feel with SPH
SSBBW Squish-N-Feel with SPH Instant Access!
(6m 5s) ~ I decided to borrow Squishy #1 for my own Domme fun. As I sit and grind on him, I give him some erotic small penis humiliation. Squishy #1 quickly shows his appreciation with roaming and groping hands but this diva had to make sure to keep him in his place. Hopefully more volunteers like Squishy will come out and enjoy the pleasures this diva can bring.
Price: $6.00
Trick or Treat 2
Trick or Treat 2 Instant Access!
(9mins 32secs) ~ Naughty Marie and Juicy Kat are just finishing up playing when Tiger Dawn shows up to go with them to the party and catches them. She sees Marie's big black dick strap-on and notes how fun it looks. Marie invites Dawn to try it and begins to play with her pussy while Kat begins playing with Dawn's big tits. It isn't long before Marie is fucking Dawn with her big black dick and making Dawn cum hard as Kat puts her juicy fat cunt on Dawns face and Dawn begins to eat her pussy and finger her. It seems as if the B.A.D. Girls have started their own Halloween party with the right trick and several treats.
Price: $9.00
Mental BBW Squirting Practice
Mental BBW Squirting Practice Instant Access!
(6m 23s) ~ Everyone needs to practice their talents. So why not let you watch me practice mine. I got a new HD webcam just so I can start recording a series of all my practices and give you that close up voyeur’s eye view of what I do when I am by myself. Please let me know what you think of the quality. Here you will see me oiling up and practicing my mental squirting so I can get ready to squirt for You!!! Do you wonder what I might be thinking about to cum and soak my bed? This is just the first of many let me know what you want me to do next by emailing me @ requests
Price: $5.00
Hitachi Squirting Practice
Hitachi Squirting Practice Instant Access!
(6m 49s) ~ Here is the 2nd edition of my voyeur webcam squirting series. This time I show you how I can shake my ass and then use the Hitachi for some intense wet pleasure. Make sure you let me know how you like the quality of the videos I am making all by myself. Also if you know what you want me to do next or you want to book a Skype show with me, then email me @ requests
Price: $6.00
Soda Bottle Anal
Soda Bottle Anal Instant Access!
(5m 41s) ~ This is the 3rd edition of my voyeur webcam squirting series. I had a party with my girlfriends last night and they took off with all my toys!! However that doesn’t stop this anally horny girl from finding something from around the house to satisfy her ass and make her desires complete! Make sure you let me know how you like the quality of the videos I am making all by myself. Also if you know what you want me to do next or you want to book a Skype show with me, then email me @ requests
Price: $5.00
Headboard Squirting Test
Headboard Squirting Test Instant Access!
(10m 51S) ~ The 4th edition of my voyeur webcam squirting series has splashed on in. I just got a new headboard and no one is around to try it out to see if it will be strong enough for riding and pleasure so I decide to have my own wild and wet fun. It may need reinforced for fun in the future LOL. I hope you are liking the quality of what you see. Do you know what you want to see me do next or see me do it live on a Skype show? Than email me with the your requests @ requests
Price: $9.00
Machine Fuck My Fat Ass
Machine Fuck My Fat Ass Instant Access!
(9mins 46secs) ~ You know I hear all the time how guys want to fuck me deep in my fat ass and see how much pounding I can take. Well I decided to show you exactly what this slut’s fat ass could do. I had JuicyKat assist me in some stretching exercises that have her hand fucking my ass. Then inserted the fucking machine and turned it on slowly speeding it up till it was pounding my ass giving me anal orgasms. JuicyKat increased the fun by jiggling my ass while I was being penetrated deep by the machine. This became so hot and intense my camera man was ready to move the fucking machine so he could fuck me! Maybe, you’ll be ready to do that to!
Price: $8.00
Squirting Fans Request 1-3
Squirting Fans Request 1-3 Instant Access!
(10mins 34secs) ~ Since I am known for my squirting I have been receiving lots of fans requests for squirting in different ways. So I was asked to do squirting in a position I have never tried before, standing up. However, the first request didn’t just stop there I was asked to finger myself till I squirted and try and hit a bucket. I work my fingers on my fat clit and squirted, but very little made it into the bucket. So I decided to do it again and this time I didn’t let the orgasms get the best of me and hit the bucket. Watch and see how much it measures up! Finally I was asked to squirt and wet a pair of my panties. However I wanted to show off my ass and rubbed it all over with baby oil having my cameraman get in close to show off every inch. Then I pulled my panties up, bent over and had mental squirting orgasms. Oops time to change my wet panties!
Price: $8.00
Self-Choked n Fucked
Self-Choked n Fucked Instant Access!
(9mins 5secs) ~ Master has already punished me for being a bad girl, now he has rigged me to fuck and choke myself for his pleasure till I squirt. Will he enjoys what he sees?
Price: $8.00
Fucking Machine Choked & Fucked
Fucking Machine Choked & Fucked Instant Access!
(8mins 42secs) ~ Dawn has once again been a naughty girl. Master caught her masturbating without permission because she is such a horny slut. She has been sent to a dungeon where the Master uses a work out bench turned into a fucking machine for punishment. Since sex is a privilege not a right; she will be choked for attempting to enjoy this punishment. The dungeon Master gets mad at her because before even turning on the machine, she is uncontrollably squirting, while making sure that, she is able to relieve the choking by using her arms to pull the work out bench up. Towards the end of the scene her arms are so tired that she actually does black out for a few seconds from the intensity.
Price: $7.00
Fat Halloween Pussy pt. 3
Fat Halloween Pussy pt. 3 Instant Access!
(14mins 17secs) ~ Tiger Dawn is the last of the ghoulish dolls to come for her tricks or treat from Sir Ty Biggz. He introduces her to the Violetwand as well but notices she has already attempted to make her pantyhose crotchless, so he cuts them even more exposing her huge ass. As he electro-stimulates her inner thighs and asshole she begins to squirt in gushes so he reminds her that they are playing with electricity. He then takes a long dildo and rams it deep into her ass causing her to gush even harder. After laying her on her back he starts to gargle with her squirt and spits it back into her throbbing fat pussy exchanging with her back and forth several times until she eventually runs dry.
Price: $10.00
What The Guys Are Missing?
What The Guys Are Missing? Instant Access!
(12mins 10secs) ~ I had such a rough day at work, got stood up, and I am so frustrated, I need a major release and just can’t seem to get one! Kat, who is done with me being frustrated, decides to show me what the guys are missing when they don’t come to play. So she ties me up and begins ramming me with two different jumbo sized dildos, forcing me to squirt so hard it flies off the end of the bed and so much the sheets are soaked, but turnabout is fair play and once I get loose, she’s in for a pounding of her own. I take the larger dildo and show no mercy as she squats over me. Have you ever wanted to be showered in squirt? You wonder when guys are away how much wilder girls play then you’ll want to check these two B.A.D. Girlz out! 


Price: $12.00
Face Fucked
Face Fucked Instant Access!
(7mins 36secs) ~ I’ve been told that coming hard after face fucking a BBW is one of the biggest orgasms a man can have. So I took some time to distract Sir Ty Biggz from fucking my sweet fat ass and see how hard I could make him cum. He gets so into it he even makes me lick his ass and deep throats me full force, eventually giving me the facial I was hoping for. So for all you BJ, BBC and facial fans of mine, this one is for you!


Tiger Dawn
Price: $5.00
Playtime Request For Joe
Playtime Request For Joe Instant Access!
(5mins 38secs) ~ I received a request from a fan to show him what he could have if I were his girlfriend. He requested that I give a strip tease, show off my assets and each time I had an orgasm to yell out his name. Well Joe your request has been granted! I hope you don’t mind that I put this video up for others to watch me satisfying your request. I just want people out there to know that I would do anything to satisfy my fans. Thank you for your request and being so patient :)
Price: $5.00
Tight Jean Squeeze
Tight Jean Squeeze Instant Access!
(3mins 21secs) ~ All fat chicks know what happens after the holidays, they gain a few extra pounds! Tiger Dawn wants to see if she can still fit into one of her favorite pair of jeans for a night out on the town. Watch as she does what most BBW’s do when they need to get those extra rolls all tucked in. Will she get them on or will she have to wear some stretch pants tonight?
Price: $3.00
A Bathroom Fingering
A Bathroom Fingering Instant Access!
(6mins 54secs) ~ While getting ready for a night out Tiger Dawn’s makeup session is interrupted by Sir Ty Biggz. He notices she’s still not ready and decides to take advantage of the situation. He reminds her that her mom is outside and that she needs to keep quiet but that is virtually impossible with the fingering session he starts to give her. She squirts multiple times with each intense orgasm. Now that she has soaked the bathroom floor, getting ready to leave out will take even longer.
Price: $6.00
Chair Fucking
Chair Fucking Instant Access!
(6mins 23secs) ~ After a long hard workday it’s time to relieve some stress. Tiger Dawn pulls out her favorite BBC dildo and after sucking it and lubing it up decides she wants to feel it deep inside her by riding it. After positioning it just right she fucks it good making a squirty mess all over it. You will definitely wish it was you she was riding after watching this clip!
Price: $6.00
Pleasing Myself
Pleasing Myself Instant Access!
(6mins 26secs) ~ Tiger Dawn is on the phone with a fan that was supposed to come and give her good hard fucking, but he tells her that due to the weather conditions he is unable to. Lying nude in anticipation of his arrival she decides to not let that stop her from some satisfaction. So she pulls out a dildo and begins to please herself. The sounds of her fat, wet, dripping pussy is enough to get anyone that loves BBW pussy off!
Price: $6.00
Underwater BBW Slut
Underwater BBW Slut Instant Access!
(18mins 40secs ~PLUS 5mins of BONUS Footage)

How many times have you seen a BBW splish splashing in a pool and you wished she was completely nude? Join Tiger Dawn on a wonderful SPOV (spectator's point of view) tour of her floating mounds of luscious fat from head to toe as she becomes your underwater BBW slut! You will never look at a BBW in a pool the same way again! Sir Ty Biggz even joins her in the pool and helps to fuck her with a huge black dildo. This is by far the best underwater BBW footage ever captured! You even get 5 minutes of bonus footage. So what are you waiting for? Add this video to your Studio Biggz collection today!

Price: $11.00
Biggz Anal Audition
Biggz Anal Audition Instant Access!
(20mins 53secs) ~ Sir Ty Biggz is having a casting call for a new B.A.D. Girl that can take and loves anal. Tiger Dawn shows up to audition for the part. Sir Biggz shows Dawn what a makes a true porn star pleasuring each other during 69, pounding her fat cunt and making Dawn squirt multiple times so hard at moments she hits the wall. Finally he shows her what being a true anal slut is all about by fucking that fat ass and end with a huge anal creampie.
Price: $20.00
Tiger Dawns Inflatable Anal Toy Review
Tiger Dawns Inflatable Anal Toy Review Instant Access!
(4mins 56secs) ~ Tiger Dawn has setup her YouTube channel and is ready to do her 2nd review on an inflatable anal toy, compliments of Studio Biggz. So she starts off by undressing for her loyal fans and goes right to work ramming this toy in her tight ass. As she pumps it up bigger she begins to squirt with each orgasm. She sure does know how to do some intense anal masturbation! WOW!
Price: $5.00
Squirting Close Up
Squirting Close Up Instant Access!
(4mins 48secs) ~ Tiger Dawn's product review on the anal impaler takes a twist when she decides to use it in her pussy instead. She plunges it deep inside her getting herself all wet until she has several squirting orgasms some that even soak the camera. If you are fan of her squirting you don't want to miss this hot squirting close up!
Price: $5.00
Squirting Anal Play pt. 1
Squirting Anal Play pt. 1 Instant Access!
(11mins 24secs) ~ Well you guys wanted to see me do some anal play so here it is. I know it's not what you traditionally think of when someone tells you that they enjoy anal, but Sir Ty Biggz knows how to bring us B.A.D. Girlz such pleasure even without using his delicious BBC. Come watch him rim my huge ass, make me squirt like 50 times, and be double penetrated with his huge hands.
Price: $11.00
Squirt On Me Bitch!
Squirt On Me Bitch! Instant Access!
(13mins 30secs) ~ Mistress Kat is making sure that Tiger Dawn is all prepped and ready for her very 1st client. He has requested that she wear satin panties and be able to face sit him and squirt all over him in a short time frame. When Dawn isn’t able to do what is requested the client leaves without paying, this angers Mistress Kat and she proceeds to show Dawn how she should’ve performed. She face sits and squirts all over Dawns face and forces her to keep eating her out, and then she switches places with Dawn and makes her do it to her . If you are a fan of our BBW squirting scenes you definitely want this one in your collection!  REMASTERED
Price: $10.00
Forced BBW Squirting pt. 4
Forced BBW Squirting pt. 4 Instant Access!
(3mins 58secs) ~ After feeling the intense orgasmic pleasure of the Hitachi that Sir Ty Biggz showed me in Forced BBW Squirting pt. 2, I decided I wanted to try it on my own. To try & get the most out of its high powered pleasure it creates. I decided to ride the Hitachi. The intense orgasms & squirting it made me do, I felt like I would never be able to stop cumming!
Price: $4.00
Forced BBW Squirting pt. 2
Forced BBW Squirting pt. 2 Instant Access!
(3mins 5 secs) ~ Using the massive power of the Hitachi Magic Wand and a G-spot attachment, I help Tiger Dawn accomplish her 1st squirting scene. This was only meant to be for practice but the footage was so good that I decided to put it on the site for you BBW squirting lovers to watch. Once she gets started it's like a chain reaction. Back to back powerful squirting orgasms! I think she knows how to squirt now LOL.
Price: $3.00

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