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1. Pixie SSBBW Fan Club
2. Hardcore Anal
3. SSBBW Pixie Gets Some BBC
4. Hardcore Pixie
5. Hardcore Riding
6. Pixie SSBBW Fan Club 2
7. Give Pixie Your Cum
8. PixieSSBBW Shower Show Off
9. SSBBW Fuck My Ass Cum On My Back
10. So Much SSBBW Jiggle - HD

   Latest Additions

1. SSBBW Hitachi Tests - HD
2. SSBBW Hitachi Tests
3. SSBBW BHM Shower 3-some UNCUT - HD
4. SSBBW BHM Shower 3-some UNCUT
5. SSBBW Tight Skirt Struggle To Pee - HD
6. SSBBW Tight Skirt Struggle To Pee
7. SSBBW Tight Skirt Struggle - HD
8. SSBBW Tight Skirt Struggle
9. SSBBW Soda Burp Challenge - HD
10. SSBBW Soda Burp Challenge

Pixie's Entire Collection:

SSBBW Hitachi Tests
SSBBW Hitachi Tests Instant Access!
(47m 48s) ~ The B.A.D. Girls of StudioBIGGZ are always getting unique challenges, but not normally from our other B.A.D. Girls. PixieSSBBW decided she had the best corded hitachi and it put the cordless one to shame. As someone who has used both versions of the hitachi, JuicyKat says the cordless one is much more powerful. Pixie challenges Kat to tell her the cordless is stronger than the corded one after a session with her personal one. We invite CurvyBBW Bunny and SkyeBBW to give both hitcachi’s a fair test. Watch as Kat makes Bunny squirt and Pixie gush making the bed completely soaked with squirt.
Price: $34.00
SSBBW BHM Shower 3-some UNCUT
SSBBW BHM Shower 3-some UNCUT Instant Access!
(19m 30s) ~ After a fun night of filming, Pixie SSBBW & Tiger Dawn decide to take a shower together. Sir Ty Biggz always has the camera rolling for behind the scenes outtakes and here is the full UNCUT result. Two SSBBW’s and a BHM squeezing together in a walk-in shower to deliver you some wild n wet sudsy 3some fun!
Price: $22.00
SSBBW Tight Skirt Struggle To Pee
SSBBW Tight Skirt Struggle To Pee Instant Access!
(4m 58s) ~ Somehow I got this skirt on and boy is it TIGHT! So tight that I cannot get it off or pull it down past my fat thighs and ass. This becomes a bigger problem when I suddenly have to pee so bad. I RUN to the bathroom and start trying to pull my skirt down but it will not budge. My hips, thighs, and ass keep this skirt tightly in place as I jump and do my pee-pee dance. This video ends with me giving up and having to piss in the shower through my skirt and panties you can see my intense urine stream splash and squirt all over my belly, thighs, and even shooting out of the shower.
Price: $5.00
SSBBW Tight Skirt Struggle
SSBBW Tight Skirt Struggle Instant Access!
(7m 49s) ~ You're going to absolutely explode watching me jump and jiggle trying to fit into this skin tight skirt! Trying to fit my fat ass into a skirt I have not worn in years proves to be a difficult task in this clip. watch my rolls and juicy fat thighs, ass, and belly get compressed while trying to force myself into this tiny garment! I move from standing to laying on the floor, the bed, leaning in a chair, doing everything possible to try and make this work!
Price: $8.00
SSBBW Soda Burp Challenge
SSBBW Soda Burp Challenge Instant Access!
(9m 56s) ~ Game time! Watch as Pixie SSBBW and Tiger Dawn battle in a challenge for the most burps. Diet Coke vs. Regular Coke which has the most belching power? Who can drink more soda? Whos belly will grow the most? Hear our monstrous belches and declare the winner.
Price: $10.00
SSBBW Belly Button Erotic Tongue Fuck
SSBBW Belly Button Erotic Tongue Fuck Instant Access!
(6m 59s) ~ We heard that getting your belly button licked can be really hot so we decided to try it out! Pixie SSBBW gets down on her knees and gives Tiger Dawn the full experience. Pixies fat tongue dives deep into Dawns soft deep belly button making her moan and wiggle. We know you wish you could lick, touch, and fuck our soft belly buttons!
Price: $7.00
SSBBW Double Spring Weights-n-Measurements
SSBBW Double Spring Weights-n-Measurements Instant Access!
(13m 1s) ~ Finally my weight and measurements are revealed! In this clip I get weighed not only once, but twice! TigerDawn and I take turns stepping on the scale, stripping, measuring each other, and stepping back on the scale! You get to see the measuring tape wrap around my wrists, arms, tits, belly, ass, and thighs. TigerDawn and I take it one step further and make it a bit of a competition to see who has gained the most weight and inches! After we are both out of breath from all this physical activity we celebrate our new numbers with a cupcake! This clip is a must have for your Pixiessbbw or Tigerdawn collection!
Price: $12.00
SSBBW Motor Bunny Review
SSBBW Motor Bunny Review Instant Access!
(40m 39s) ~ StudioBIGGZ has been given a wonderful new motorized toy, along with a set of attachments. The newest motorized toy on the market is called the Motor Bunny, it is very similar to the famous Sybian. Watch as JuicyKat, Pixie SSBBW and Kazzy Jiggles conduct a review of the Motor Bunny first with clothes on and then without. Now there is a weight limit on this toy and thankfully none of us are over it. Otherwise we would not have been able to enjoy this thoroughly pleasurable toy. Come check out this review of the Motor Bunny!
Price: $25.00
SSBBW Leather Pants Strip-n-Bare Ass Shake
SSBBW Leather Pants Strip-n-Bare Ass Shake Instant Access!
(9m 20s) ~ Watch me jiggle and strip then jiggle again.
Price: $9.00
SSBBW Closeup Belching
SSBBW Closeup Belching Instant Access!
(14m 8s) ~ This is a close up video of my belching for your viewing pleasure.
Price: $12.00
Cum For SSBBW Pixie
Cum For SSBBW Pixie Instant Access!
(8m 47s) ~ I want you bad! But there's one thing I want more than your cock... your cum! I beg and plead for you to stroke your cock for me. I show you all my fat belly and rolls and request that you rub your hard cock on them and even fuck my soft plush belly button. I show you my back fat and you just have to choose where you want to cum for me.
Price: $8.00
SSBBW Pixie Selfie Stick Body Tour
SSBBW Pixie Selfie Stick Body Tour Instant Access!
(6m 45s) ~ In this clip I show you every inch of my fat luscious body in a snug tank top and some skin tight leather pants. You can see ever inch of fat and cellulite as I move the camera all around me and jiggle for you. I talk seductively to you asking if you like what you see and discussing my giant belly. You will love watching me strip down and tease you!
Price: $6.00
SSBBW Nude Baby Oil Ass Twerk
SSBBW Nude Baby Oil Ass Twerk Instant Access!
(7m 33s) ~ You will get up close and personal with my naked fat ass and juicy pussy in this HOT video of me bending over and shaking my booty. To make things even hotter I lather myself up in baby oil so you can see my skin shine while my ass claps and jiggle. After I do some major twerking I show you what it would look like to have me ride you reverse cowgirl style. This clip ends with me oiling up my giant fupa and pussy and rubbing my clit until I cum for you!
Price: $7.00
SSBBW POV Naughty Boy Squash
SSBBW POV Naughty Boy Squash Instant Access!
(6m 45s) ~ So you've heard of guys that love to be sat on and smothered by fat chicks. Now it's your turn, in this POV role play clip you will see exactly what it looks like to have a 500 pound SSBBW bounce on your chest and lap, all while talking to you and telling you what a naughty boy you have been.
Price: $6.00
Pixie SSBBW To Fat For Lingerie
Pixie SSBBW To Fat For Lingerie Instant Access!
(7m 19s) ~ In this clip I attempt to put on a sexy red teddy that has been hiding in my closet for years. You can tell I've gained a lot of weight when I can hardly get it over my head, but as I pull it down over my belly IT COMPLETELY BURSTS! This is a must see for anyone who loves gaining and growing!
Price: $7.00
SSBBW Pixie Gets Some BBC
SSBBW Pixie Gets Some BBC Instant Access!
(12m 27s) ~ This long awaited and highly requested clip has finally come. I start out showing off my luscious body from head to toe, throwing in some major jiggles for you to enjoy. One thing leads to another and Sir Ty Biggz uses the hitachi on my already wet pussy making me scream and moan. Next CurvyBBWBunny and I give a hot blowjob sharing every inch of Mr. Biggz juicy cock and balls. Watch Him bend me over and fuck me while I cum and talk dirty about my fat pussy. You will be absolutely amazed at how much I jiggle while being fucked.
Price: $13.00
SSBBW Cupcake Orgasms
SSBBW Cupcake Orgasms Instant Access!
(7m 19s) ~ I want to get fatter, but sometimes it can be hard to motivate myself to eat after getting full. In this clip watch as my feeder Mr. Biggz brings me to multiple orgasms while directing and encouraging me to scarf down cupcake after cupcake.  Frosting and cake get everywhere as my fat pussy explodes. There is lots of moaning as I shove my face full of these sweet delicious calories. 
Price: $7.00
SSBBW Hoola Hoop Heist
SSBBW Hoola Hoop Heist Instant Access!
(5m 59s) ~ When your over 500lbs, its very hard to exercise. Come see what happens when I try to hoola hoop after a year of not doing it.
Price: $6.00
SSBBW Fuck My Ass Cum On My Back
SSBBW Fuck My Ass Cum On My Back Instant Access!
(6m 57s) ~ After getting my giant ass fingered. I get fucked. Watch the POV cumshot on my back.
Price: $8.00
SSBBW Eat Smoke-n-Talk
SSBBW Eat Smoke-n-Talk Instant Access!
(10m 4s) ~ I slow it up a bit for those of you who just love watching a SSBBW be herself. This video shows me multi-tasking eating, smoking, and talking.
Price: $10.00
SSBBW Jump Rope Adventure
SSBBW Jump Rope Adventure Instant Access!
(7m 25s) ~ Over 500lbs attempting to jump rope. Does anything else really need to be said? Probably not, but after the jump rope attempt I use the rope to make my belly bounce. Come see how heavy my belly looks and enjoy watching me jump in slow motion!
Price: $7.00
SSBBW Hottub Play Time
SSBBW Hottub Play Time Instant Access!
(9m 17s) ~ JuicyKat & I, manage to squeeze, our over 900lbs of combine weigh, into a standard couples whirlpool tub. Did we overflow the tub? Did the tub break? You will have to watch, to see us lathering each-other up while playing with a few personal massages, to see if it causes an overflow!!!
Price: $9.00
SSBBW Oiled Up Jiggles
SSBBW Oiled Up Jiggles Instant Access!
(11m 4s) ~ Kazzy Jiggles lubes up my massive body. She can't resist playing with my mounds, making them jiggle as she rubs baby oil all over my ginormous ass. Before Kazzy is finished rubbing oil on me, she gets her hands on my belly rolls. We even compare jiggles with each other.
Price: $11.00
SSBBW Cordless Hitachi Fun pt. 2
SSBBW Cordless Hitachi Fun pt. 2 Instant Access!
(8m 6s) ~ There's nothing more sexy that an SSBBW...right? Wrong, 2 SSBBWs are better that 1 and in this hot clip you will see me using the high powered hitachi on Juicy Kats wet pussy. Get up close and personal when I get revenge from SSBBW Cordless Hitachi Fun pt.1 (Availiable on JuicyKats studio) 
Price: $8.00
So Much SSBBW Jiggle
So Much SSBBW Jiggle Instant Access!
(5m 10s) ~ Nothing better than rocking out to some great tunes! OMG I did not realize I had gained so much jiggle since the last time I rocked out. My magnificently mammoth body loves to jiggle, so please enjoy.
Price: $5.00
PixieSSBBW Shower Show Off
PixieSSBBW Shower Show Off Instant Access!
(4m 38s) ~ Lathering up my ginormous body, getting myself all covered in suds. Bet you wanna help me get all sudsy, touching all of my massive curves. Mmm just thinking about it makes me want to get all dirty, so I need another shower.
Price: $4.00
PixieSSBBW Fat Ass Bubblebath Masturbation
PixieSSBBW Fat Ass Bubblebath Masturbation Instant Access!
(10m 10s) ~ Watch me, Pixie SSBBW, get naughty with myself in a bubble bath. I am over 500lbs and I love bubble baths so much that I squeezed into a tiny bath tub to enjoy one.
Price: $10.00
SSBBW Bed Bounce and Break
SSBBW Bed Bounce and Break Instant Access!
(6m 39s) ~ The largest SSBBW to join StudioBIGGZ to date, had a great idea for a video in a hotel room. Since no one wants to risk breaking the beds we sleep on at home, Pixie SSBBW decided to bounce on the beds at the hotel room. Come check out if the bed holds Pixie? Also see what happens when JuicyKat joins her bouncing on the bed. The full video is also repeated in slow motion at the end for your viewing pleasure.
Price: $6.00
SSBBW Cordless Hitachi Fun pt. 1
SSBBW Cordless Hitachi Fun pt. 1 Instant Access!
(8m 19s) ~ JuicyKat introduces Pixie SSBBW to StudioBIGGZ cordless hitachi. Watch JuicyKat show Pixie very little mercy while using the hitachi on her.
Price: $8.00
SSBBW Anal Orgasm
SSBBW Anal Orgasm Instant Access!
(7m 36s) ~ Amazing POV close-up of Pixie SSBBW's enormous ass. Watch as her partner fucks her ass with a dildo making her super wet when she orgasms.
Price: $7.00
Smoking Fetish Blowjob
Smoking Fetish Blowjob Instant Access!
(6m 42s) ~ All of you who have ever fantasized about receiving a blowjob from a ssbbw who is smoking a cigarette, should watch this video. Come and enjoy Pixie giving a smoking blowjob.
Price: $6.00
Hot Candle Wax SSBBW
Hot Candle Wax SSBBW Instant Access!
(6m 7s) ~ This video of Pixie SSBBW has a great POV of her massive belly. Watch as Pixie drizzles hot candle wax on her belly, and it flows down around her huge belly button.
Price: $6.00
Fat Belly Sundae
Fat Belly Sundae Instant Access!
(6m 48s) ~ Anyone who has seen Pixie SSBW's other eating videos know how much she loves food. Watch Pixie make a sundae out of herself.
Price: $6.00
Fat Girl Hitachi Orgasm
Fat Girl Hitachi Orgasm Instant Access!
(10m 25s) ~ Sometimes a SSBBW has got to take matters into her own hands. Watch as Pixie uses a Hitachi Magic wand, making her cum hard.
Price: $10.00
Oiled Up Pixie's Fat Pussy
Oiled Up Pixie's Fat Pussy Instant Access!
(8m 2s) ~ I bet you would love to oil up a SSBBW over 500lbs!! Come watch as this lucky man gets to oil up Pixie and her fat pussy.
Price: $8.00
Give Pixie Your Cum
Give Pixie Your Cum Instant Access!
(6m 4s) Pixie SSBBW is getting fucked hard from behind. It makes her massive body jiggle from how hard she gets pounded.
Price: $6.00
SSBBW Shower Time
SSBBW Shower Time Instant Access!
(10m 49s) - Watch as PixieSSBBW showers in a tiny shower stall. Using a back scrubber to get all her sexy part clean.
Price: $10.00
Hardcore Riding
Hardcore Riding Instant Access!
(7m 57s) ~ Enjoy Pixie SSBBW riding her slender partner. Wouldn't you love to feel the weight of this SSBBW riding you? This is a must see!!!
Price: $10.00
Hardcore Anal
Hardcore Anal Instant Access!
(4m 2s) ~ Watch Pixie SSBBW get fucked in the ass hard and given an anal creampie.
Price: $5.00
Blow Job Facial
Blow Job Facial Instant Access!
(8m 28s) ~ As you watch Pixie SSBBW give this blow job, image it's your quivering member, being licked and teased until you explode all over her sexy face.
Price: $8.00
Squashing & Smothering
Squashing & Smothering Instant Access!
(10m 47s) ~ Pixie SSBBW puts out a squashing and smothering video. This video features a very skinny man in comparison to Pixie's colossal girth. Enjoy how Pixie SSBBW uses her humongous body to squash and smother her partner, all the time wishing it was you.
Price: $11.00
Donut Snack
Donut Snack Instant Access!
(9m 54s) ~ Sit down and enjoy a snack of chocolate milk and donuts with Pixie SSBBW.
Price: $9.00
Baby Oil Belly Fuck
Baby Oil Belly Fuck Instant Access!
(11m 25s) ~ Come watch Pixie rub baby oil all over her magnificent mammoth gigantic belly, and fuck it with her toy.
Price: $11.00
Slow Motion Ass Twerk
Slow Motion Ass Twerk Instant Access!
(5m 27s) ~ Watch Pixie SSBBW's ass twerk in slow motion, it will absolutely hypnotize you.
Price: $5.00
92 Burps Soda Bloat
92 Burps Soda Bloat Instant Access!
(18m 51s) ~ Pixie just loves coke and each delicious can is 140 calories. Pixie loves to consume her calories as quickly as she can, but she forgets coke makes you burp. Come watch how beautiful Pixie is while burping.
Price: $25.00
Stuffing Burger King
Stuffing Burger King Instant Access!
(25m 46s) ~ How many burgers and fries from Burger King can Pixie SSBBW eat?
Price: $25.00
3000 Calorie Snack
3000 Calorie Snack Instant Access!
(15m 43s) ~ Come watch me enjoy my mid-afternoon snack from McDonalds.
Price: $16.00
Hardcore Pixie
Hardcore Pixie Instant Access!
(10m 43s) ~ Come watch Pixie touch her luscious body, enjoy her butt plug, and then get fucked hard. Also you will get an extreme SPOV of Pixie’s monumental ass.
Price: $11.00
Ass Worship-n-Torture
Ass Worship-n-Torture Instant Access!
(11m 25s) ~ Watch Pixie SSBBW’s colossal ass mesmerize and hypnotize you. Then enjoy watching her receive a spanking.

Price: $11.00
Balloon Popping
Balloon Popping Instant Access!
(8m 19s) ~ Come watch Pixie SSBBW in all her glory, pop balloon after balloon. Watch them pop under her massive ass, or her gigantic belly. These balloons are no match for the excessive mass of Pixie SSBBW.

Price: $8.00
Baby Oil Twerk-n-Belly Rub
Baby Oil Twerk-n-Belly Rub Instant Access!
(17m 0s) ~ Pixie SSBBW’s rubs her enormous belly with baby oil. Then Stona who is not as mammoth as Pixie cannot help but caress her curvaceous girth. As an epic end to this video Pixie SSBBW twerk’s her ample ass, almost hypnotically.

Price: $17.00
Tit Fucked
Tit Fucked Instant Access!
(5m 36s) ~ My huge size "K" tits completely engulf my partners dick.
Price: $6.00
Monster Instant Access!
(5m 8s) ~ Watch me absolutely destroy these itty bitty cars!
Price: $6.00
Belly Worship
Belly Worship Instant Access!
(4m 17s) ~ Come worship my sensual belly.
Price: $5.00
Belly Button Fucking
Belly Button Fucking Instant Access!
(14m 5s) After lubing up my belly. My partner fucks my belly button and cums on my belly.
Price: $15.00
Ass Ass Ass
Ass Ass Ass Instant Access!
(3m 29s) ~ This video is all about my big phat ass, ass, ass.
Price: $4.00



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